Cardio helps to build endurance by strengthening the capacity of the heart and lungs. The treadmill and exercise bike are wonderful tools in reaching 20-30 minutes of a daily regime of a cardio workout. These excercises help to build endurance and develop stamina.

The core supports both the upper and lower body and provides improvement in both mobility and flexibility.  I have found that bridging and isometric abdominal excercises have helped strengthen my trunk stability.



           LOWER BODY


Movements of the lower body occur at the hip, knee, and ankle joint. Exercises help with flexibilty, mobility, and stability. The seated leg press works on the quads, gluteus, and hamstrings. The added exercises have enabled me to climb stairs and go up inclines with my walker with greater ease.



           UPPER BODY

The upper body consists of the head and neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, and hands. Effective exercises help strengthen and stretch appropriate muscles. The biceps curl is wonderful for the biceps and the shoulder press is a great workout for the deltoids and triceps. Strengthening my upper body has helped me build phenominal endurance and capability when lifting and transferring everyday objects.